When am I most Creative?

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Blog

I think that I would be most creative when I am travelling around the world. I would say that because when I am travelling, I see things that I may not see in Montreal. By seeing stuff that I don’t usually see or don’t see at all in Montreal I get new ideas. I get ideas that I don’t get at all in Montreal. An example is when I went to Bangladesh this summer. When I went to to Bangladesh I had seen stuff that I wouldn’t always see in Montreal. I had seen many homeless who have no education. I had seen people coming up to me and my family for money because they had none. This made me get new ideas. It made me think of stuff that I wouldn’t get where I lived. I think that might also happen to you. If you were to go to somewhere you hadn’t gone before, you would see stuff that you wouldn’t usually see. This would give you new ideas and make you think more. To conclude, I say that I get my ideas from travelling. I see stuff that I wouldn’t always see which gives me new ideas.

My ideas come from travelling.

  1. richardmcgrew says:

    Great post! I love Montreal!

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