Where do my ideas come from?

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Blog

Most of the time, I get my best ideas from the internet. I get ideas from seeing different things on the internet that I have not see before. An example would be when doing a project. I usually would start of the project by researching what I need to know. By finding information that I did not know before or I have not realized before, I get really good ideas for my project. Another good example is when I was recently given a project on a colour palette from my Photoshop teacher. The first place I went to is Google to find out what a colour palette is. I went to Google images and found many pictures of colour palettes which showed me that a colour palette is a diagram with many colours related to each other. Also, by being on the internet I get to see stuff that I may have not seen before from all around the world. By doing this, I get many ideas that I’m sure I would not have received from Canada only. In conclusion, I get my best ideas from the internet. I see or I read things that I did not see or read before. This gives me a new way of thinking and gets me to generate many new ideas from my brain.

The internet is where my best ideas come from

  1. faintsignal says:

    That’s what I always tell people, inspiration is everywhere! But do we have the eyes to see it? 🙂

  2. I write in many genres, short fiction, novellas’ and poetry, my inspiration springs from people, places or things; the hobo picking up cans by the river, we usually write with our eyes first, our senses second and our psyche last. aka.Ira Mae

  3. Most of my ideas for writing come from that exciting database stored inside my head.

  4. Fantelius says:

    To be more general, you get your ideas by searching for information. Way to go! In contrast many people rarely get new ideas because they swallow the information that other people serve them.

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