What role does or will creativity play in my life?

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Blog

I feel that creativity is very important in my life. Creativity is what helps me go the next step in the works I do. Creativity is what helps me go the further steps in my work. It helps me get new ideas that are worth giving a try. I feel that creativity will be very useful for my future. Since creativity helps me go further in my work, I am able to get good marks in school. These marks are what will predict my future. These marks are what will help me get in to the program I want to go to in University. These marks are what will help me achieve to become what I want to be in the future. All, in all, creativity is really important for me today. Creativity will help me become the person I want to be when I grow up. Creativity is very important for my future and maybe yours too.

Your dream job may depend on your future

  1. You are your life, create it, invent it, become who you are in so doing. Keep going with your self! It’s a sport right…

  2. Thank you for liking my blog! I love your attitude to creativity. If you ask people how much they like what’s going on in the world today, not many will say that it pleases them. Then you ask them for solutions. Where do the solutions come from that will make our planet, our world, our society better in every way? from creativity. A big thumbs up to critical creative thinking.

  3. artzent says:

    You are already very creative!

  4. bill bedard says:

    Great Blog. Very Interesting.

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