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Changes in Life from Creativity

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Blog

As I become more creative, I feel that my life changes to make me take more risks in life. As I become more creative, I start to try something new every time and I try to do something that is harder than how much I usually try. I feel that creativity helps me get better marks in school because by doing something new, the teachers will like my work more. I feel that by being more creative, my life becomes more complicated because if I try to be more creative in every subject, then the work load for every subject increases. By being creative, I feel that I know I can do better. I feel that I can see myself do better and achieve better marks. I feel that I can do better on my work than I did before.

By being creative, I receive better marks

By being creative, I receive better marks


Does the internet help our creativity?

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Blog

In my opinion, I feel that the internet increases creativity in our world. Ever since the internet came out, I felt that creative stuff started to be created. Ever since the internet came out, blogs were made, social websites like Facebook and Twitter were made, and so much more. From these websites, I feel that many people get inspired with new and unique ideas. In my case, I have recieved many creative ideas from the internet. I was able to see cool stuff that people are sharing around the world which makes me get my creative ideas. These creative ideas of mine are used in school projects allowing me to practice my creativity. From the internet, ideas are spread and ideas are made. Through the internet, I was able to see many stuff that get me interested. I read and seen images that got me inspired to do something creative. In my opinion, it would be very hard to create new ideas without the internet. People wouldn’t be able to see the new things that people are creating. They would only be inspired from their own community. In conclusion, the internet is a great place to be inspired with creative ideas or show off your creative ideas. It is an easy way to see what people are doing around the world or creating around the world. It helps people share their stuff with others. It helps get inspired not only from your own community but, from outside of your community also.

The internet helps us to share our creativity

The internet helps us share our ideas with the world

“Practice makes Perfect”

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Blog

I feel there are many ways practice creativity. People can be creative by taking risks in doing something that you don’t usually do. People who takes risks during art class are the people who can have the most potential in life to be creative. Creativity doesn’t come that easily. People have to take risks that they didn’t take before and have to give an effort to be creative. People have to think a lot to do something creative. An example can be being an international player. When a person wants to be in the NHL, he has to practice skating. He won’t be plying in an NHL team by skating only once in  his life. People who are currently in the NHL have skated many times, practiced playing hockey many times, just to be a player in the NHL. To practice creative is the same except you may not need to practice as much as a regular NHL player. Creativity isn’t as easy as it looks.

In conclusion, creativity isn’t as easy to practice as it sounds. There are many ways to be a creative person. When getting a project from school, you can do something that has not been done by you or by a classmate before. All it takes to have a creative mind, is by practicing. It is by practicing something different every time. By doing something new that hasn’t been done before.


Practice Makes Perfect so don't stop practicing.

Practice Makes Perfect so don’t stop practicing.